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Social Responsibility

Every company functions within a societal structure. It engages with society at large in numerous ways for multiple purposes for the growth of its business and prosperity. So, it is natural that every company is highly indebted to the society around it. At MBAPL, we are aware of our liability to society. Thus, we are obliged to serve the community around us as a provider of superior quality products as well as through the multitude of initiatives that we undertake in order to help society. We comply with the Legislation and Regulations to promote the preservation of the environment, good health and follow the health standards.

Waste management, conservation methods, minimizing and recycling raw materials, natural resources and power, MBAPL is dedicated to making a sustainable environment. Our employees actively take part in these programmes dedicated to nurturing the environments as they are made aware of their mission in their training session. Moreover, we tend to report, audit and review our responsibilities to be more fulfilling and effective. MBAPL is completely devoted to preserving the environment and ensuring safety in our plants.

Health, Safety & Environment

MBAPL comply with all the necessary rules and regulations set by the government for health, environmental and safety standards. We also take all the necessary steps to avoid fire hazards and also other probable accidents. MBAPL try to achieve our safety and environmental objectives by spreading awareness.  We do not discriminate on the basis of Caste, creed, religion or gender,  and believe in equality. Moreover, our hygienic working environment motivates our employees to be more productive. We certainly follow the national legal standards of the wages and paid benefits of a standard working day.

MBAPL pledge towards:

  1. Not polluting the environment and preserving it
  2. Strictly following the environmental legislative and regulations
  3. Striving for consistent development of health, environmental and safety measures
  4. Adhering to the policies to buy goods and services